• Directors & Business license
Application for a business license for foreigners also has specific and very important regulations.
It all depends on the type of business, nationality, investments capital business set up and the
amount of local and foreign employees.

• Business registration
We will take care of the registration of your company at all the necessary government depart-ments and supply you with the required documents concerning your business

• Permits and contracts
Save time and put your efforts towards your business rather than filling out forms and chasing down permits.
Our agency will provide all information regarding the required license and permits, including
application forms. In that way our client could gain time and start working immediately on a legal basis.

We are multilingual and on good terms with the government and related agencies which makes it easier for our clients to do business in a secure
and uncomplicated environment.

Eliminate the red tape by letting us assist you in getting all permits required to live and work in the Netherlands Antilles.