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  • Over the years we’ve built an extensive and solid network of stakeholders
  • Our commitment to our clients is total satisfaction guaranteed.

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DAC was founded in 1996 by Violet Spek - Nicholas and has become the most reliable and experienced consultant on the island, also providing their services on the other

islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.


Over the years we’ve built an extensive and solid network of stakeholders, which combined with our dedication, forms the foundation of success due to honesty, confidence,

and professionalism of the participating parties. Our valuable relationship with Government departments and stakeholders ensures the most up to date information

and professional knowledge that we offer to our clients.


We are dedicated to our clients, will always go the extra mile and we endeavor to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship based on transparency, integrity,

and positive results.Our commitment to our clients is total satisfaction guaranteed.


We offer our clients tailor made advise and the best service to their specific needs, for the incorporation of legal entities, companies, foundations, or partnerships in the

Jurisdiction of their choice, as well as all services regarding license applications and relocation.


Our team can assure the investors and their family members a positive and stress-free transition to Curaçao by taking away the red tape and bureaucracy,

so you can focus on your business and realize sustainable growth for your company.


We help entrepreneurs and investors start, grow, and manage their ventures. They provide expert guidance, planning, and support.


We arange all legal documents that authorize businesses to operate in certain locations, industries, and activities. They ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of the relevant authorities and protect the public interest and safety.



We help businesses improve their performance and reach their target audience. It covers aspects such as market research, branding, advertising, social media, content creation, and analytics.


Our service that helps people plan and manage their retirement income and lifestyle. It covers aspects such as pension schemes, investments, tax, estate planning, and health care.


We help the process of planning, executing, and controlling a project from start to finish. It involves defining the scope, objectives, tasks, resources, budget, schedule, risks, and quality of the project.


We help individuals and businesses move to a new location and settle in smoothly. They provide assistance in areas such as visa, immigration, housing, transportation, utilities, education, and culture.



Foreign investors have a variety of business structures to choose from.

We can incorporate any type of legal entity, company, foundation, and partnership for you in the legal form(s) of your choice and grant all supporting services regarding company management and administration,

licenses, and relocation services.

Our Tailor made Business Solutions


Conflict Resolution

We will work with you to understand your needs and goals, and tailor our mediation services to suit your specific situation.

Conflicts are an inevitable part of life that we cannot always control, no matter how much we strive to avoid them. They can have a negative impact on not only our personal happiness, but also our business success. When you encounter a conflict in your business, you need a reliable partner who can help you deal with it effectively. That is why we offer you our mediation services, which aim to help you resolve the conflict in a peaceful and constructive way. We will facilitate the communication between you and the other party, and help you find a common ground and a win-win solution.


If the conflict is too severe and cannot be resolved, we will not abandon you. We will assist you in minimizing the damage and maximizing your opportunities to continue or restart your business with confidence. We understand that conflicts can be stressful and costly, and that is why we are committed to helping you overcome them with professionalism and compassion. We have the experience and the skills to handle any type of conflict, whether it is between employees, customers, suppliers, partners, or competitors.


We will work with you to understand your needs and goals, and tailor our mediation services to suit your specific situation. We will also provide you with feedback and advice on how to prevent or manage future conflicts. With our mediation services, you can rest assured that your business interests are protected and that you can focus on what matters most: your business growth and success.




Full-Service Relocation Package on request.

  • Immigration Assistance


    We understand the stress and complexities involved in relocating, which we aim to alleviate by taking care of your different daily challenges while making plans to relocate.

  • Dutch Citizens


    Legal regulation pertaining to immigration by Dutch citizens is rather flexible. Dutch citizens can apply for admission by right (toelating van rechtswege).

  • Foreign Nationals

     Foreign Nationals will receive a work and for one year that can be extended yearly.


    Permits Foreign Nationals:


    • Investors Permit
    • Pensionado
    • Residence Permit
    • Work Permit
    • Digital Nomad
    • Tourist Extension
  • Investors Permit

    Investors can provide a real economic benefit to Curaçao. To facilitate the stay of high-net-worth investors who wish to reside in Curaçao for a period of more than 6 months per year, the Government of Curaçao has issued the Guidelines Investors Permit 2014.

    These guidelines are to facilitate the investment in Curaçao (among others, purchase of real property or making a business investment) by high-net-worth foreigners that are contributing to our economy.


    Requirements :


    • With an investment of at least ANG 500.000 (US$ 281,000), you may qualify for a residence permit for a period of 3 years which can be renewed if the circumstances remain unchanged.
    • With an investment of at least ANG 750.000 (US$ 420,000), you may qualify for a residence permit for a period of 5 years, which can be renewed if the circumstances remain unchanged.
    • With an investment of at least ANG 1.500.000 (US$ 838,000), you may qualify for a residence permit for an indefinite period.
  • Pensionado

    Curaçao has a special tax regime for foreign pensioners, called the ‘Pensionado scheme’.

    It mainly concerns the individual’s worldwide and foreign accrued income, including any foreign-sourced pensions, dividends, and interests, as well as rental income from properties outside of Curaçao, income accrued from any offshore company, or local bank deposits.


    Conditions that need to be met for an individual to be considered under the Pensionado scheme are:


    • Being 50 years of age or above.
    • Not having lived on Curaçao or any other former jurisdiction of the former Netherlands Antilles for at least 5 years before application to the tax regime.
    • The tax department of Curaçao must be informed within the first 2 months after receiving the residents permit, that you want to be considered under the Pensionado scheme.
  • Digital Nomad

    Curaçao’s digital nomad visa allows remote workers to live on the island for six months with the option to renew it for another six months.

    It’s also important to note that living on the island for a year does not grant you residency. You also do not classify as a tax resident, so you will pay local taxes on your income.


    We can help you apply for the Curaçao digital nomad visa by submitting the contact form below.

  • Residence Permit

    Being able to show a bank declaration with sufficient funds, a residence permit will be granted for the period of one year and may be renewed yearly. The applicant must remain outside Curaçao pending the application procedure. When eligible for a residence permit a security deposit needs to be paid by the applicant and health insurance is required.

    The security deposit varies depending on the country of origin and will be refunded upon final departure.


    We will send you our Full-Service Relocation Package on request.

  • Tourists Visas

    You are a tourist if you stay in Curaçao for up to three months for various reasons, such as leisure, sports, health, family, study, religion, or business. You cannot work while you are a tourist in Curaçao.


    A tourist is someone who visits Curaçao for different purposes, like relaxation, sports, health, family matters, education, faith, or commerce. The maximum duration of a tourist visit is three months. Working is not allowed for tourists in Curaçao.


    If you come to Curaçao for reasons like recreation, sports, health, family issues, learning, religion, or trade, you are a tourist. You can stay as a tourist for no more than three months. You are not permitted to work as a tourist in Curaçao.

  • Work permit

    If you want to work in Curaçao you will need a work permit. To obtain such permit, you need an employer to sponsor your work permit and initiate the application of the same.

    The work permit is needed in addition to the residence permit. In general, a residence permit does not allow employment. Tourists are not allowed to work or engage in any paid activity.

    A work permit is granted for a definite period and can also be linked to the duration of a project.

    All (local and foreign) employers who wish to employ a foreign national in Curaçao must apply for a work permit.






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